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No longer Levi Heichou but Levi Prostitute>>>•_• what? But wha I dong understand this is too much to take in at once. >>>>>Though isn't he not actually Japanese so that wouldn't count right? But is this even a true thing that Japanese people do that?


Anita Berber (1899 -1928) - 1921 - German dancer, actress, writer, and prostitute who was the subject of an Otto Dix painting. She lived during the Weimar period - @~ Mlle

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Transvestite prostitutes sitting on the laps of gay men in the popular Berlin gay bar Marienkasin

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Police mugshots of Berlin prostitute Johann Scheff, arrested in July 1932. Youths dressed in women's clothing who successfully passed for women, descended on department stores en masse stealing large quantities of merchandise.

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After exploring the attractions of Cologne, you might wonder what else thef North Rhine-Westphalia holds. Explore these 6 cities on a day trip from Cologne.