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It's no secret that Proprietary (prop) trading firms tend to start their intern traders off trading using just the Depth of Market (DOM). Find out why... My Trading Buddy Education Blog

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In this episode Brandon gives his take on proprietary trading and cautions you about rouge prop firms for whom their traders' success is secondary.

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Keystone Trading Group is one of the most respected proprietary trading firms in the United States. While day trading is our primary focus our traders also employ swing trading, option trading and investing strategies. As a proprietary trading firm Secret Trading Strategy See how quickly $1000 turns to 1 Million trading penny stocks!

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Proprietary Trading Resume Sample -

German Firm Quits Over Tough High-Frequency Trading Rules | A German proprietary trading firm is to close later in 2013 as a result of the “significant” burden of European regulations, becoming one of the first casualties of the country’s tougher stance on high-frequency trading.

Avoid proprietary trading jobs that encourage you to buy shares when they are making losses. This is like throwing your money. Be very sure that you will not get your dues back because many of these firms rely on the profit for payment of their clients. Learn more about proprietary trading jobs today by keeping an eye on Trading with Rayner

By: Sterling Terrell So you want to be a trader? Or, you want to maybe start a proprietary trading firm?

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