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Properties Of Math

For use as a matching game or a worksheet, a set of 7 3D shape image cards with matching property descriptions. A great way to assess children’s knowledge of shape properties. Also available for 2D shapes.


What am I? Naming 3D shapes - Support the learning of shape names and properties with this worksheet.

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Adding Fractions & Mixed Numbers 5.NF.A.1 { EDITABLE } 48 Questions GAME

The only math game you need! JUST PRINT AND GO! Save time with this rigorous yet fun math game. Students self-check their work, they can work alone or with a partner, it is competitive yet co-operative. Every teacher's dream. Fractions, Integers, Algebra, Distributive Property, Arithmetic Sequences, Solving Equations and more.

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Math Properties- Connecting with the Terms (

Math Properties- Connecting with the Terms | | Bloglovin’


This is a periodic table in which the elements are ordered by the energy level of their subshells and by the number of electrons in their outer subshell. This layout makes it easier to understand how the properties of all elements relate to the orbital structure of the atom. The table maintains periodicity, and gives the electron configurations required in modern chemistry but missing from the traditional table.