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21 Chest, Shoulders and Abs Stretching Exercises in Pictures

After doing leg, arm and neck & back stretches, today we’ll present 21 illustrations of chest, shoulders and abs stretching exercises, showing you exactly which muscle you are exercising. By demonstrating where on your body you should feel the highest tension, we hope to help you do the exercises properly. Most of us spend the …


patient positioning - KNOW THIS. So when your patient is suddenly hypotensive, you can trendelenberg them to get that pressure up or do a passive leg raise.


dorsal recumbent position - definition of dorsal recumbent position in the Medical dictionary - by the Free Online Medical Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.


Wedges are so useful for keep individuals safely supported in the prone position. These wedges have two heights - just flip them over - one for low and one for high. Easily cleanable for infection control compliance and robust.

The Top 10 Best Home Abs Exercises – No Equipment

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The Art of Stretching Complete – 53 Additional Images to Show You Exactly Which Muscle You Are Stretching (Part 2) - Page 3 of 4

42. Flexion of the Knees with Assistance in Decubitus Prone Position


#Prone position pilot bed that was designed in an attempt to lessen pilot fatigue and ease the effects of gravitational forces. 1949. [630 x 475] #history #retro #vintage #dh #HistoryPorn