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Prom Asking

15 hours ago

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This Is How Teens Are Asking Each Other To Prom Nowadays - A living, breathing puppy named PROM?

  • Reßecca🌸

    @Kristenhunt And then some animal shelters put them to sleep(kill them) just to make more space for other ones.... Poor guy

  • Kristen Hunt

    And when they realize it takes time and money to take care of a dog, they give it up. The poor baby sits in a shelter and feel abandoned by the people it loved. Horrible, selfish trend. Youths. Lol.

  • Tessie Brubaker

    Chick-fil-a and puppies...... Yep. That defines my life.

  • Michaela Walker

    This prom trend is is ridiculous. Your in high school. You're not getting married. Why do you need a proposal?

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If you’re feeling a little creative, buy them a living creature. | 12 Best Ways To Ask Someone To Prom #promposal

Or this one. | 24 Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Prom.. This one is awesome! Except don't use spray paint on a horse...

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20 Creative Ways To Ask Someone Out {Prom, Dance, Date} - Tip Junkie

25 creative ways to get asked to prom or homecoming<<< this should be how Niall is asked lol>>>> I would definitely say yes if someone asked me like this:)

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This Is How Teens Are Asking Each Other To Prom Nowadays... Super cute!

  • Reßecca🌸

    Super cute and ill totally say yes i mean double stuffed oreos!!

  • Cheyenne Jones

    Dude free Oreos and softballs. I'm in.

  • Juliet Perry


  • N. Keith

    Wow did he ever think about why he's your ex and please follow me my brother and I are seeing who can get the most followers

  • Elora Carpenter

    My ex boyfriend asked me to prom while sitting on a bus. Then said "don't wear blue it's not your color"

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This Is How Teens Are Asking Each Other To Prom Nowadays....i hate people my age

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Best way to ask a girl to prom ever----Pretty great!!!

  • Kayla Jensen

    Abigail Hixson this is so cute and funny

  • Petra Ral

    That was great! Oh my gosh!

  • Danielle Johnson

    These are the days I wish I had a cubicle and not just an open desk at work where everyone can hear and see me geek out about this stuff!

Boys, read up! 24 CREATIVE ways to ask someone to Prom.

aww what a cute way to ask girls to prom!! (Country Girl) Luke Bryan Parody - Prom 2013

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How to ask a country girl to prom ;)

Ballsy. | 24 Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Prom if someone used number 18 on me, I would not only go to prom with them, I would marry them!

  • Anthea Deavey

    If someone did #18 with my copy of the book, I would pumch them in the face. Don't touch my book...

  • Mercedes Ojeda

    Diana Alfaro

  • Cassie Bradley

    My friends brother just asked his girlfriend to prom by setting her room up to look like a crime scene with CAUTION tape all over the place with him laying "dead" on the floor and he made a poster that says "I am dying to go to prom with you" It was really creative.

  • Kaley Sellers

    Abigail Phillips

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How would you ask out that significant other to prom? #promposal #prom

Unique ways to ask someone to prom. Some are really cool!

See How Kids These Days Are Asking Dates to Prom: Source: Instagram User steffy_ann

PROMPOSAL: Using more Chick-fil-A: | This Is How Teens Are Asking Each Other To Prom Nowadays

Easy Promposal Ideas: 15 Simple And Romantic Ways To Ask Your Date To Prom (PHOTOS)

Yessss the Sherri Hill 21309 (don't ask how I remember that lol). This is the dress! Too bad my school's prom dress code won't allow it :(

Top 10 Ways to be asked to Prom #9

How to Ask a Girl to Prom Photo 127

cute homecoming asks | Creative Promposal Ideas | Prom Dresses Blog | Homecoming Dress News

How to Ask a Girl to Prom Photo 25

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The Doctor Who Prom Invite....THIS IS HOW I WANT SOMEONE TO ASK ME NEXT YEAR! I MEEEAAANNNNN IIITTTTT! I'll probably love you foreverrrrrr.

24 Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Prom - BuzzFeed Mobile

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