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Angry Birds Project - Parabolas I don't even teach math, but this is awesome!


Marshmallow Puff Tube for inquiry based activity - projectile motion in physics

from PBS

Teaching Physics with Angry Birds: Projectile Motion

Teaching Physics with Angry Birds: Projectile Motion - Science of Learning —…

How great would this be as an inquiry project, something to introduce projectile motion, or just as a really cool activity in the classroom. Great for most ages. Credit - thehelpfulartteacher


Free projectile motion warm up template

Students write their equation on their template then find: initial height, a good graphing calculator window, time to max height, max height, and total time in air. They also sketch and label their graphs.


Bullet Android App - , Bullet - pragmatic projectiles on the desktop of your device. Live wallpapers are touch sensitive, have many settings, are power saving and have flowing motion graphics.