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Bootlegging In America

Prohibition era disposal of illegal alcohol confiscated by the government. Alcohol played a major role in Fitzgerald's life; he was an alcoholic and likely died so young due to the effect his addiction had on his health.

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this sign is hanging in my favorite Utica, NY bar representing good ol' Utica Club

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There is not a fast car in the frame, but how can you doubt that they had one? Sisters Guarding Family Moonshine Business -- Florence Friermuth and Susie Friermuth Doffing pose after they were arrested for moonshining. The sisters guarded stills on their family's farm near Saint Paul, Minnesota, during Prohibition.

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From 1920 to 1933 the United States had a prohibition on all alcohol. It was brought by the 18th Amendment. This is what started all the underground alcohol stills and all the big gang organizations that sold alcohol illegally.

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How to get into the 14 best speakeasies in America

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The Mafia's greatest untouchable: The flamboyant 1920s mob boss and the true story behind TV's Boardwalk Empire

Speakeasy: Prohibition in the 1920s led to gangsters making huge profits by selling alcohol in illegal bars (above)

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