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Professional Tattoo Machines

from Hespirides Gifts

Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine Aluminium Alloy CNC Tattoo Frame Tattooing


Light Silent Professional Tattoo Machine Gun 10 Wrap Coils by Amazon,

Unbranded Tattoo Machine - Steel - £14.95 #tattoomachine #tattoosupplies #magnumtattoosupplies


Fallen King Irons :: Precision Tattoo Equipment for Professional Tattoo Artists.

Pin Borneo Rose Professional Tattoo Machine Cosmetic Tattoos On:

It worked amazing, and was so easy. I had everything I needed already. I pinned my tat under my artwork board. I used a bottle of black india ink I had left over from college art class, and used dry erase marker to draw it on first. NOT professional looking, but cute if you DGAF. Way better than the pics shown on this site. Way less painful than my other tats and no blood for me. -DIY tattoo gun/machine aka "prison tattoo".


LuckyFine Professional Tattoo Machines Gun Equipment Power Supply 20 Color Ink Cup Tattoo Kit Set >>> More info could be found at the image url.

360 Steel Foot Pedal - £11.99 #powercordpedal #tattoosupplies #magnumtattoosupplies

two of my favorite things combined. if it where not for skate boarding in my life. I wonldn't of become a professional tattoo artist. Thank you Independent truck company. I loved to grind them till they broke!!! My first tattoo machine build