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A working life: The probation officer

Meeting murderers and violent offenders is an everyday occurrence for Kelly Grice but, as she tells Leo Bendictus, if she transforms a life, it's worth it


No I'm going to be kicked out of hell because when I get there, I' gonna go straight up to satan and say, "so, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"


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"What my dad hopes is all I do" or my husband. They don't like the "danger" so they wish I sat behind a desk all day. "What I think I do" should be a whole bunch of paperwork. But all-in-all, pretty accurate, especially "what I really do".


Don't make me use PROBATION OFFICER voice _ "Special Tee For Probation Officers _ Wear this tee with pride "


I have had someone say this to me, and it made my day. I was working ss a Juvenile Attendant at the Detention Center here in Pocatello. She approached me on ISU Campus a couple of years ago and thanked me for guiding her in a positive direction, to focus on her education to better her life, and focus on her future. She is currently still enrolled in school and going into Social Work, so she can help kids who have walked in the same path she has walked. I was in tears when she told me I was…