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I need to try some of these in two truths and a lie.

I need to try some of these in two truths and a lie.


Probation Officer barriers

'I can say that I am all caught up with all of my work and I think there is hope for everyone on my caseload.' -Said No Probation Officer Ever.

from Human Services 101

6 Important Qualities Needed to Become a Probation Officer

Great article about skills you need to become a probation officer!


Probation officers do it under special conditions...


Surgical Techs ~ This can be life in the OR, unless you get lucky and find a place where they love you all the time!

from the Guardian

A working life: The probation officer

Meeting murderers and violent offenders is an everyday occurrence for Kelly Grice but, as she tells Leo Bendictus, if she transforms a life, it's worth it


I will need this! Master the Probation Officer/Parole Officer, 7rd edition. This guide is top of the line prep for careers in criminal justice. Probation and parole officers enjoy the challenges of supervising and rehabilitating criminals. With this guide, readers will get: * A look at eligibility requirements and application procedures * 6 practice tests for the qualifying exams

I have had someone say this to me, and it made my day. I was working ss a Juvenile Attendant at the Detention Center here in Pocatello. She approached me on ISU Campus a couple of years ago and thanked me for guiding her in a positive direction, to focus on her education to better her life, and focus on her future. She is currently still enrolled in school and going into Social Work, so she can help kids who have walked in the same path she has walked. I was in tears when she told me I was…