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Private Student Loan Forgiveness

from BuzzFeed

For-Profit College Ordered To Forgive $24 Million In Student Loans

Bridgepoint Education ran an illegal private student loan scheme, the Consumer…

from Washington Post

For-profit Bridgepoint Education forced to forgive $24 million in private student loans

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says the company misrepresented the total cost of the loans.

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Why 1,277 Students are Getting a Refund on Their Student Loans

If you took out private loans to attend these two for-profit colleges, you might get a refund — or complete student loan forgiveness.

from USA TODAY College

4 easy scholarships any student can win

Can’t get enough financial aid? Here’s what to do

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5 FAFSA tips for students with divorced parents

Among the headaches that come with a divorce is figuring out how to pay for college.

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Why Those Millennials With Tons of Loans Won’t Refinance

Why Millennials don’t trust the banks. And besides, a lower rate isn't always worth giving up flexibility.

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12 Game Changers You Probably Didn't Know About Your Student Loans