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Private Pilots Licence

from Slate Magazine

A Simple Visual Guide to How Planes Take Off, Navigate, Approach, and Land

Is it possible to write a stunning book about infrastructure? Kate Ascher’s books are bliss for engineering-minded adults and children. Using gorgeous grap


The Private Pilots License Course: Flying Training (Private Pilots Licence Course) by Jeremy M. Pratt (16-May-2003) Paperback. Read the rest of this entry »


Flying instructor Jon Budworth talks us through the cost of training for a Private Pilot's Licence (PPL) in the UK, with some great money-saving tips!


1 in every 60 people or so in Alaska has a pilot's license While we lived in Alaska I took flying lessons. I loved flying an air plane.


Studying for a Private Pilots Licence? We now have the complete set of PPL iBooks, available for iPad and Mac?

Private Pilots License Course (Private Pilots Licence Course) Flying Training by Jeremy M. Pratt,


A HIGH-FLYING teenager is on the road to success after gaining a private pilot’s licence and passing his driving test within days.