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2009 Dem Leahy spoke out against critics of Sonia Sotomayor as playing “RACIAL POLITICS saying if you're member of group that helps hispanics,somehow you're suspicious. LaRaza(TheRace) founded by Akinskyites. Post 911: LaRaza cooperated with socialist/Marxist groups as RefuseResist which LIKENED those LAWFULLY arrested & deported, to the “DISAPPEARED” POLITICAL PRISONERS of Banana Republics among other things.

One can hope! LLThe new FX series, Chozen, is an animated comedy about, “Chozen,” a gay, white rapper fresh out of prison. Armed with a new message and a new world view shaped by his time in prison, Chozen is on a quest for redemption and to claim his rightful position as the world’s top rap artist. His music and lyrics take aim at the stereotypes of machismo and misogyny that are synonymous with rap music.


Escape from North Korea: 'How I escaped horrors of life under Kim Jong-il'

Yeon-mi Park refuses to be silenced on the systemic human rights abuses in North Korea. Something more needs to be done


Annie Kenney, (1879 - 1953) Suffragette who spent three days in prison for daring to ask Churchill and Sir Edward Grey if they believed women should have the right to vote. Neither man replied.


"This picture from 1917 at a suffrage protest.The women were protesting the arrest & incarceration of of their fellow protesters." Women fighting for the right to vote were put in jail & when they protested by not eating, they were violently force fed by having rubber hoses forced down their throats while they were held down by prison guards. These women suffered just to get the right to vote.WOMEN,don't take the right to vote for granted.Other women fought hard & long for it. Biddy Craft

from The Telegraph

Team GB's victorious hockey stars: 'Our mantra was simple: Create history and inspire the future'

Lunatic coaches controlling managers and overzealous parents are wrecking kids' sport

The tomb of Princess Elizabeth Stuart of England. Died a hostage of Cromwell's government, she was found dead with her head on the Bible her executed father gave her on their last meeting.

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Stand in Solidarity with Incarcerated Men & Women on Sept. 9, 2016

Stand in Solidarity with Prisoners Striking for Human Rights. Take Action w @Roots_Action

I appreciate that this is put on OITNB images, because we need to talk a lot more all the time about the realities for women in prison.