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Tudor houses in the grounds of the Tower of London. These are home to the Beefeaters (Yeoman of the Guard) who live in the grounds.


I have no idea where this is, but it's beautiful and raises so many questions. How long has it stood there? Who were the people who stood on this balcony...and when? Fascinating picture.

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Traitors' Gate

Traitors Gate, Tower of London Traitors GateThe infamous entrance to the Tower of London, Traitors Gate, is the water-gate entrance to the Tower of London complex and forms part of St. Thomas' Tower, which was built to provide additional royal accommodation. The gate was designed by the Medieval architect Master James of St George on the orders of King Edward I between 1275 and 1279 to provide a new water-gate by which King Edward could arrive at the Tower by river. In the proceeding…