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Prince Philip's mother, Her Royal Highness Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark (1885-1969) Alice of Battenberg

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Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark (born Princess Alice of Battenberg), wearing the Greek Key Tiara

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A smiling Queen Victoria, with her daughter Princess Beatrice (standing), her grand-daughter Princess Victoria of Battenberg (nee, of Hesse and by Rhine) and her great-granddaughter Princess Alice of Battenberg. Little Alice went on to marry Andrew of Greece and Denmark and became the mother of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh and consort of Queen Elizabeth II.

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L'ancienne cour -Prince Andrew of Greece and wife Princess Alice of... -

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Princess Alice of Battenberg (the mother of the Duke of Edinburgh) attending the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II wearing her nun's habit. 1953.

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Her Serene Highness Princess Victoria Alice of Battenberg (mother of the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh) was born in the Tapestry Room at Windsor Castle. Eldest child of Prince Louis of Battenberg and his wife Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine (eldest daughter of Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse, the second daughter of Queen Victoria). See Diamonds I for other pins of the Meander tiara that's she's wearing here, and which she gave to Queen Elizabeth when she married Philip.

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Her Royal Highness Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark (1885-1969) née Her Serene Highness Princess Alice of Battenberg (Prince Phillip's Mother)

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Princess Alice and Prince Andrew of Greece – parents of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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