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What a face, what attitude, what style... In 1986, Prince played Christopher Tracy in Under The Cherry Moon. The film flopped but the album, Parade, is one of his classics.

from mirror

The inspiration behind Prince's song 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the World'

"Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia was the inspiration behind his hit 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the World' (...) Mayte revealed how the singer (...) penned the 1995 song for her"


Cool effect, the 'Canary Yellow" Diamonds & Pearls Cloud Guitar as it was known then. Canary yellow was his "era/theme color" for that period, much like Purple was for 1999 through Purple Rain and Peach & Black was for the Camille/SOTT/Black Album era and powder blue was for Lovesexy, Gold for the Gold Experience era etc. etc.

from The Independent

Vault containing thousands of unreleased Prince songs is drilled open

A vault filled with unreleased songs from Prince has been drilled open by the company responsible for his estate. The late singer was the only person who knew the code to the vault, which reportedly contained enough of his music to release a new album every single year for the next century, forcing the company temporarily responsible for his estate, Bremer Trust, to break into it.

Prince On Stage 1986 by Dave Hogan! (Like the photo credit! Photographer probably had rolls and rolls from that concert!) Plus, this would make a GREAT alternative or Live Parade album cover!