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Maedhros and his cousin Fingon (Sketchbook1) by on @DeviantArt

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CDC keeps secret its mishaps with deadly germs

1/4/17 CDC keeps secret its mishaps with deadly germs

How a great-grandmother’s body came to be used in an Army blast test

12/23/16 The Body Trade How the body of an Arizona great-grandmother ended up as part of a U.S. Army blast test The story of how Doris Stauffer became part of a military experiment against family wish casts light on a growing but unregulated industry: human body brokers.

The devastating legacy of Hurricane Katrina a decade on

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WMS 93. ARZNEIBUCH, Book of medical receipts, etc. A physicians handbook of practical medicine with notes on medical astrology, blood-letting, uroscopy, etc. in German. Some additions by several 16th century hands. 1524. Figure 6 showing veins in arm and head.

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My 3rd tattoo. It says "primum non nocere"...firstly do no harm...