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Primrose Plant

The Primrose Houseplant - How To Grow Primrose Indoors

The cheery flowers on primroses can chase away winter’s dreariness, but they also leave many owners asking how to grow primrose indoors. Primrose indoor care is important, and this article will help.

10 Great Plants for Shade Gardening

Primula (Primrose). "I always thought primroses were difficult to grow, but I’ve found them to be super easy as long as you provide shade and moist soil."


Simplicity and unity as well as contrast: design principles applied by choosing the same shape, material and plants but vary the size of the planter. Simple and very effective!


How To Grow Yellow Evening Primrose Plants

Yellow Evening Primrose Plant: Wildflower In The Garden - Yellow evening primrose (Oenothera biennis L) is a sweet little wildflower that does well in almost any part of the United States. Though it is a wildflower, the evening primrose plant is as likely to be scorned as a weed as it is to be welcomed into the flower bed.


Shade Garden Plants 1.Sweet Woodruff 2.Cotton Candy Grass 3. Bigroot Geranium 4. Impatiens 5. Fuchsia 6. Coral Bells 7. Coleus 8. Catnip 9. White Queen Caladium 10. Lobelia 11.Feverfew 12.Bleeding Heart 13.Toad Lily 14.Meadowsweet 15.Miss Indigo Primrose 16.Astilbe 17.Pulmonaria (Lungwort) 18.Yellow Corydalis 19.Celandine Wood Poppy 20.Hellebore