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Primark Store Locator

Fave Store-Primark located in London UK. Prices here are crazy cheap, 5£ & up for cute, v trendy clothes. Whenever we're here, I load up

Primark Red Lace Lingerie Payday Treat | I never manage to locate all these pretty pieces in my local Primark - I must go to a larger store! (not that I 'need' anymore lingerie)


#Primania is fast-fashion retailer Primark's signature social hashtag, which shoppers will use to show off the items they scored in Primark stores. The company encourages social sharing from its shoppers, even while they're still in store. Locations are equipped with free wifi and LED displays broadcast the latest #Primania posts all over the stores. At, those who submit their Primania posts can be awarded with in store credit. "The ultimate goal is that they could drive traffic…