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Liverpool's Cathedrals, Anglican and Catholic, Hope Street, Liverpool, ANglican Twilight Tower (March-October) on Thursday evenings for our spectacular Twilight Tower experience. Through the summer, the bell tower can be open as late as 10pm, allowing visitors to take in a spectacular view of the city and beyond as the sun sets and the lights go on. Final tickets vary according to sunset times. The dates and times for 2013 can be found here. (Tickets can now be ordered on-line)


It sure sounds like a certain Bible hero had a gay relationship. These verses should make homophobic Christians very uncomfortable. | Here's a good article about David and Jonathan's love affair.


Josh Hutcherson reveals he's open to dating men in new interview

A great example of someone that realizes sexuality is a fluid changing thing…


'Humility' must be included in True Repentance: James 4:6 : Good Health & Salvation are intrinsically interwoven by The Graces of God via Lord Jesus Christ, & Doctrines therefrom; To attain Good Health & Salvation 'Humility' must be included in all acts of Repentance via Lord Jesus Christ to reach His Father. My Link via The Holy Spirit -


Christian quote about vanity and pride. What does the Bible tell us about pride? Pride needs to die in us for anything of heaven to live in us.