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Marie Mancini, by Jacob Ferdinand Voet. would be mistress to the young Louis XIV, Anne and Mazarin shipped the Cardinal's niece to Rome to an unhappy marriage with Prince Colunna.

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In which Seb thinks stating the (wrong) time means saying Good Morning. His face in the last one. Oh Seb. 5 HOURS!! TILL XMAS! #sebastianstan #christmas #SEBASTIANSTANCOMETOAUSTRALIA Credit to owner

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Raul Julia. SUCH a fabulous actor. Died way before his time, as do so many. I loved him in "Presumed Innocent", "Tequila Sunrise" and his classic "The Addams Family".

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How A Stranger On My Plane Today Changed My Life

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Презумпция невиновности (Presumed Innocent) 1990

The besotted Henry VIII never suspected that the wife he presumed to be pure and innocent was carrying on an affair behind his back. When Thomas Cranmer, presented Henry with evidence of Catherine's indiscretions, the king was stunned. Cranmer, a reformist, was determined to push Catherine Howard and her Catholic family out of power, but did not get his opportunity until the brother of a chamberwoman to the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk, John Lascelles, came to him with details of her affairs.

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