Lecture 4: The Impact of Luther and the Radical Reformation. The History Guide [Lectures on Early European History].

"Preste" as the Emperor of Ethiopia, enthroned on a map of East Africa in an atlas prepared by the Portuguese for Queen Mary, 1558.

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A map of Prester John's kingdom as Ethiopia. Letter of Prester John. No more of the tale is recorded until about 1165 when copies of what was certainly a forged Letter of Prester John started spreading throughout Europe. An epistolary wonder tale with parallels suggesting its author knew the Romance of Alexander and the above-mentioned Acts of Thomas, the Letter was supposedly written to the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Comnenus (1143–1180) by Prester John, descendant of one of the Three…

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Depiction of the Kerait ruler Ong Khan as "Prester John" in "Le Livre des Merveilles", 15th century

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Prester John | The Black Past: Remembered and Reclaimed

Maybe this is a crazy question, but how did Europeans know what Africans looked like? I know that some of the paintings here are of North Af...

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Share this:MessageToEagle.com – The legend of Prester John arose during the period of the Crusades when European Christians hoped to regain the Holy Land (Palestine) from the Muslims. Prester John was said to be a wealthy Christian king and priest with a kingdom located somewhere outside of the Western European realm. With a limited access to …

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