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Presidential turkey time! A look back at the first families enjoying Thanksgiving dinner over their prized birds

Marking their territory: Then-vice president Johnson's wife, whose nickname was Lady Bird, poses with the turkeys for the first families in 1962

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WW2 Cannibalism: On one occasion in 1944, the Japanese shot down 9 American airmen. Of the 9, 8 managed to make it to the Chichi Jami shoreline where they were imprisoned by the Japanese. 4 of the 8 were slowly butchered (refrigeration was an issue so it 'made sense' to keep them alive) and served up. The 1 airman shot down that wasn’t taken by the Japanese was George HW Bush.

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Official White House Portrait of Zachary Taylor ~ 12th President of the United States. (Term: 1849 - 1850)

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Thirtieth President - Calvin Coolidge Nickname - “Silent Cal” He used the media to his advantage and was referred to as "the most photographed persons on earth."He

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