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Preschool Director Timeline: It's important to have one in order to manage your time. Here is a snapshot of half of a year from my timeline. Do you see the thin column with letters in it? Those are my 8 categories. I have summarized all of my director tasks to fit into one of these sections. Find the breakdown and a free download of this timeline here!


Music in the outdoors - coloured pots and pans hung on a fence to create an outdoor music zone. Could be a great release of energy to bang on those pots as hard as possible.


Director Files Newsletter Just for Preschool Directors


A website for all the daily tasks we oversee as directors, administrators and childcare/daycare/family daycare owners!


Our Illustrated Philosophy @ New Horizons Preschool


Why do we care about play? Did you know that more than just about any other activity, play is what promotes the healthy development of your child! The most important thing to remember about play is that it should be pleasurable.  That means that if your child is having fun, then you are doing it right!  Play


How to Increase Enrollment in a Preschool or Child Care Program


Notes from a Childcare Director | ParentSavvy


There are many "behind the scenes" tasks that happen in the classroom that we need to consider and take care of or delegate to a trusted staff member. We'll talk about those things here. Some are classroom design & evaluation, creating a material/inventory list and rotation list as well as sanitizing materials.


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