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31 Most Beautiful Classroom Decor Designs

When I was at School classrooms were boring places with no interior decor or style at all. I always thought classroom interior designs were mean’t to be boring until I came across these most beautiful classroom decor designs! If only I knew classroom’s don’t have to be plain and boring but that they could be inspiring …

I love this classroom environment. The tables allow for collaboration with other student. The bridge in the room promotes exploration and imagination. The bridge can be used for many things. They can build a fort or pretend its a castle. And the overall environment of the classroom is very calming. And the giant windows allow for natural light in the classroom.

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Simple posters, in blue colour way, with a rhyme describing magic 'e' and, the alternative term used in some schools, bossy 'e'. Clearly laid out with examples for each vowel. Available in a choice of fonts.

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