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Student skills assessment page to track each students skills. Quick trick: use different colored ink each time you assess and use can use the same page all year long! by Pocket of Preschool

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Pre-K Assessment Forms

Free printable forms to assess literacy and math skills for preschoolers - can use for pre- and post-assessment.


A very kid (and teacher) friendly beginning of the year assessment for my brand new firsties! I will have to add some skills, but I really like this form.


This is an assessment used to evaluate preschool age children. It evaluates areas including: Approaches to Learning, Social

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Free Printable Preschool Assessment & Goals Workbook

Pre-K Assessment: Lyndsey wrote: "I did A LOT of research. I scoured the internet, I contacted two local preschools and asked for their assessment forms. I also contacted the ocal health department and received their Ages and Stages sheets. I used all of my resources to make the 18 page workbook".

from One Beautiful Home

Preschool Assessment & Goals Workbook

Preschool Assessment and Goals Workbook! What an amazing and fun resource to use with your preschooler! It lets parents know in what areas their preschooler excels, and which areas they could use a little extra work! This resource is amazing!


ourhomecreations: Printable preschool assessment form …

At the beginning of the year, it’s a great idea to do a preschool assessment. This helps you understand what your child already knows and what you need to work on. Today I’ll be sharing my preschool assessment forms. Through my research and background, these are the skills I feel are necessary to work on …


Preschool Portfolio Checklist -a bit more concise and objective than the one we use. Since it doesn't involve any social skills (or other domains besides cognitive) I'd use this as a tool for parents, rather than teachers.