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The head quarter of First Premier Bank is in Sioux Falls South Dakota it is the 10th biggest issuer of the credit card in the United States. The bank was established by T. Denny Sanford Uses Of Premier Bank Credit Card: Now-a-days Life is in a rush and time in running so fast. Even it from

First Premier Bank allows its user to create credit card online with a very easy process to follow. You only have to apply for the credit card by online application from which you have to fill. Enter the required information into the boxes above to submit an online credit card request to the bank. You from

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First Premier Bank offers personal banking, business banking and investment solutions to customers in eastern South Dakota. It issues credit cards too which are accepted all over the US. Here we get details on confirmation number. =========== First Premier Bank Credit Card has the highest APR probably in history =========== One way the First Premier Bank Credit Card seems to take advantage is by making the cardholder pay all of the processing fees that are necessary to get the card to them in the first place. Also, with the credit limit usually being so small, by the time they receive the card they are already close to being over the limit many times