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(I'm the girl. be the boyfriend/fiancé/husband (you pick)) I've waited for 3 weeks to tell him. I needed it to be perfect and now it is no i wait until he gets home..

To Announce that we are Pregnant with our 1st Baby ... We wrote Psalm 127:3 "Behold, children are a Gift from the Lord, the Fruit of the womb a Reward." on the positive pregnancy test and bookmark this scripture for family / friends to find the highlighted verse =)


The Two Week Wait (2WW)—What’s baby doing between conception and a positive pregnancy test?

The Two Week Wait (2WW)—What’s baby doing between conception and a positive pregnancy test? - Motherly


positive pregnancy test and sonogram shadowbox... I think i just like the color pop behind the framed sonogram pics, though- Id want to keep the tests, sure, but perhaps not display


if you just found out you are pregnant but are waiting to tell family and friends you can still enjoy this first few weeks and embrace your pregnancy here are a few things to do right away after you get a positive pregnancy test


This is a really rough workout, totally worth it though, and will test your mental strength to get through it all. Cardio and Strength WOD


My brother came to our mum in the middle night. He said an angel told him she was pregnant. The next day she bought a pregnancy test. It was positive. 9 months later I was born.


10 Essential Calcium Rich Foods During Pregnancy

10 Calcium Rich Foods You Should Eat During Pregnancy: Calcium intake during pregnancy is quite essential to ensure the skeletal development of the fetus.Want to know ten super foods that can work wonders for your and your baby’s bone health? Read on!