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A 35-Minute HIIT Workout That Won't Hurt Your Knees


GKL's (Girls Knock Life) mission is to provide women with a judgement free resource that will help make their lives less stressful by providing tips, tricks, ideas and support for their mind, body and spirit at work, at home or at play! Being a woman in society today is having to measure up and deal with social pressure, kids, and keeping up with work demands. Girls Knock Life provides a place which keeps women in tune with tips and hints that can make these stressors a little more…

One of the great struggles when it comes to eating healthy and trying to lose weight with exercise is the

25 Healthy Dinner Ideas for Weight Loss That Take Less Than 15 Minutes to Make

One of the great struggles when it comes to eating healthy and trying to lose weight with exercise is the


Bedtime Yoga: Stretch Your Way to Better Sleep

After a long day of class unwind before going to bed with these yoga stretches from Crane and Canopy:

14 Fitness for moms: Your Best Body during & after pregnancy. For more details about lose weight after pregnancy, fitness for moms, fat loss for moms, please visit

Exercising during pregnancy has enormous benefits for both mom and baby!

I’m Birth Ball CRAZY !!!!!! Ways to use the birth ball during pregnancy , birth and after …

How to use the birth ball. (I loved mine when I had my boys, both sans-epidural. Helped so much. This post has lots of ideas I hadn't tried.)


Active birth is a range of techniques that some women use to help them stay in control during labour, cope with the pain and reduce the need for pain relief medications. Some women like to do yoga, relaxation exercise, hypnotherapy and attend childbirth classes to help them prepare for labour. These methods are not necessarily supported by research but some women find them useful. It is important that you choose the right support people in labour. This is a very special time for you and…


The MotHERS Program | HUGE LIST of really good resources, including medical care, pre- and post-natal classes, health telephone lines, etc.

We designed our maternity fitnesswear to keep you supported whatever activity you love best – whether it’s a regular pregnancy workout in the gym, pregnancy exercise classes, prenatal yoga or Pilates.

50 min Pre Natal Total Body Strong Yoga Flow | Strength, Tone, Endurance, Focus | Intermediate - YouTube