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Yoga Poses for Pregnancy

When Pregnancy is not the Happiest Time of Your Life

Pregnancy is a happy time, except when it's not. Here's some encouragement for you moms dealing with depression during pregnancy | Momming is Hard


With some jokes in between . Just because I'm smiling and talking it doesn't mean I'm not sad; because I am


People think I'm so calm and kept together. They don't know I'm in the middle of the most intense mental breakdowns I have ever had.


You'll Never Understand... But I am Glad You Don't Because That Would Mean You'd Have To Go Through My Pain And I'd Never Want That For You. #Infertility #PCOS #Miscarriage


For those of you who are expecting a baby got pregnancy blues? Feeling overwhelmed anxious? For those who just gave birth are you feeling low down? You are not alone. Being a mother is the greatest and most beautiful gift and yet the hardest thing that women endure. Pre and post partum anxiety and depression is very real. A friend shared this with me and it resonates with me as I transition from one challenge to the next going back to work after the maternity leave. So be strong rise above…


I know I'm not supposed to how you how hard this still is for me. I'm supposed to just bottle it up inside and act like nothing ever happened, act like I wasn't devastated. But sometimes it still knocks the wind out of me and suddenly gets so hard to breathe and hold back the tears


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