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Why you should be eating dates daily during your pregnancy … pregnancy date smoothie recipe


I may not have a child here yet but i'm growing on. Everytime I have an anxiety attack I remember, I am sharing my body. I cannot panic as the baby feels everything I feel. This calms me down so much and each day I get closer and closer to a distant due date. I thank God, my husband and my family because, i'm going to be a mummy. @sharonwelsh I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Herbs for Pregnancy - Red Raspberry Leaf and 4 Others

Using herbs for pregnancy dates back to ancient times. Today we're sharing 5 great herbs and what they are good for.


➰ The Healing 'Root' Archetype is the Mother. Shes nurturing, self-sufficient, and responsible. She surrenders to love and allows the correction of understanding to take place in her mind and behavior. The Mother soothes the Victim without enabling them to remain stuck. She is the love of God that reaches out, protects us when we are stuck in the negative and destructive. Shes the Goddess/Holy Spirit energy that guides us to discern the best possible path and choices--via shepossible…

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An open letter to the pregnant ladies who have watched their due date come and go

A letter to women who are over 40 weeks pregnant. Overdue means you had a healthy, blessed pregnancy :)


Eating 3-7 dates during the last 4 weeks of pregnancy resulted in substantial increase in dilation (4 cm upon admission!) as well as much shorter labor and a much lower induction rate. Amazing!