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Predator Meaning

from Geek Native

Steampunk Predator art is coolness of cool

Steampunk Predator... I mean why not? We're doing Star Wars too, right? Now lets find Steampunk Borg... that'll be interesting.


Mountain lion. View of a female mountain lion (Felis concolor) with her kittens under a redrock ledge. The mountain lion is also known as the puma, the panther and the cougar. A fully grown mountain lion has a body length of 1-1.6 metres and a body weight of up to 100 kg.


Bobcat - In case you don't know this cat is mean! cat make ribbons out of you in no time at all !,


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from Buzzle

Varying Meanings of the Black Rose Based on Different Perspectives

n modern fiction, black roses and the color black are used to connote the evil, the erotic, and the darker and shadowy side of human nature. In fiction, vampires are often shown to love black roses. In the "Night World" series written by L.J. Smith, this flower is the symbol used for 'made vampires'. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes also used black roses to symbolize vampires in her novels, such as "Demon in My View", "Midnight Predator", and "In the Forests of the Night". Read more at Buzzle…

A female leopard hurtles up a marula tree to scan for potential mean in South Africa by Chad Cocking Wildlife Photography