A Version of Mary Frye's "Do Not Stand at My Grave" poem. This link tells the background: http://www.businessballs.com/donotstandatmygraveandweep.htm

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When you get sent out to the field,being deployed, as a soldier it is important to find activities to keep you strong. Not only physically and mentally, but spiritually as well. Here in this picture you can see each soldier praying for one another. This is a very good way to keep strong.

I love this blessing …Vibration in movement is what we are, we came 2 this planet 2 develop consciousness of love, intelligence and will so we stop actual genocide going on, don't support any pollution and money evil systems, this is our last chance or die 4ever, https://stargate2freedom.wordpress.com/balance-is-the-key-word-for-success/, https://stargate2freedom.wordpress.com/2016/06/26/actual-corrupted-governments-money-systems,

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Cowside is a 17th-century farmstead at the heart of the North Yorkshire Dales National Park. It is a rare survival both for its unaltered state and the wall paintings in its parlour.

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31 Days of Prayer for America {gotta read this one before giving it my stamp of approval. just repinning to come back to}

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An enlarged map of the country would be great in a kid's room to tag where they've been fr holidays, or where relatives live

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