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Prayer For Money

Our job is to clear resistance to what we want --higher vibrational reality. Resistance can come in many forms. So pay attention, notice where you are. Is there an imbalance in either masculine (applied wisdom, movement, action steps) or feminine (higher vision, inspiration, spiritual connection, intuitive impulse)? If so, be open to further harmonizing them.. it just feels better when we are in balance and it is definitely the path of least resistance. Remember.. No Resisto is key ❤tami

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Prayer For Money and Financial Breakthrough

Prayer for a Financial Breakthrough

from ChristiansTT

Prayer For Money and Financial Breakthrough

Prayer For Money and Financial Breakthrough... Grow our finances and bestow on us wisdom to manage Your blessings righteously. Open our eyes today to job opportunities and profitable business ventures...


Do not worry.. Be happy.. Everything will happen just the way u want to think it'll happen.. Patience.. God has a plan for u and is NEvER late..

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What is YOUR vision for 2013?

Everything that everyone is living if the result of the stories they've been telling themselves: So I've started doing this: I no longer use my journal to complain. I catch myself just in time and enthusiastically rave about how well things are going instead. Also, I've realized that memories are neither true nor false - they're just my interpretation, my perception of a moment and I know I've picked up the wrong end of the stick on several occasions


prayer for financial miracle

3 Attracting abundance with the Angels

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Prayer Of The Day - Money & Marriage

Prayer Of The Day – Money & Marriage --- Dear God, Thank you for your provision.  You always provide for us and fulfill our needs!  We are incredibly thankful and we rejoice giving you praise!  We pray over our finances right now, asking that you help us manage them righte… Read More Here

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Prayer For Money and Financial Breakthrough

God guide us through the debt and financial burdens that we are trying to eliminate and to show us the path to achieve debt-free life for Us.