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‘God will either give us what we ask or give us what we would have asked if we knew everything he knows.’ - Timothy Keller, PRAYER


METTA or Loving Kindness Prayer. Every morning I repeat this prayer 6 times: 1)for myself 2)for a mentor/teacher/role model of mine 3)for someone I am very close to 4)for someone who I am having difficulty with or struggle to like 5)for a stranger I may have crossed paths with like a store clerk or homeless person or someone next to me in my yoga class and 6)for all beings ....sometimes I say this more than 6 times if more people are weighing on my mind that I want to send love and kindness…

from Great Big Canvas

Wailing Wall and Dome of The Rock Mosque, Jerusalem, Israel


Angels are Beings of Light: without form or substance. They are said to glow with their own special auras and colours, and each angelic presence is an archetype. Archangel Michael shines with the colours of royal blue, or fiery red; Archangel Raphael glows with the colour green; Uriel 's colour is majestic red. All shine with the lIght of the Divine Presence.