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Power Rangers Samurai Jumbo Letter Banner Kit by Amscan. $5.26. Kids Birthday Banners. 1 per package.. This Power Rangers Bithday Party banner is over 10ft long and features all your favorate Power Rangers! Each banner includes numbers 0-9 to customize to the age of your special Guest of Honor!

Power Rangers Samurai Collector Shinkenger Red Ranger by Power Rangers Samurai | eBay

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Rofer is a Nighlok with the ability to extend his arms to extreme lengths and also can burrow his arms underground to suprise his foe, he was tricked by Mike by having his arms entangled and also even attacked himself when Mike jumped over him and he was eventually destroyed, but then he grew large and then was destroyed the second time with the Samurai Rangers' Samurai Megazord. Notes Rofer is the main villain of the iOS video game, Power Rangers Samurai Steel., Rofer appears in Power...

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Power Rangers Samurai Cake Topper,

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