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Ever changing seascapes – in pictures

~~Ever changing seascapes | Beautiful seascapes capture the power and perpetual motion of ocean waves, rising up and crashing down as they near the Australian coast. Ray Collins, a coal miner until he turned to surf photography after an industrial injury, also focuses on the calmer and more serene moments he experiences in the sea | The Guardian~~


Miners strike = not enough coal for the electricity power stations = 3 day working week to save the power = reduced income. Those long dark evenings playing cards by candlelight. Taking the dinner to cook in the neighbours gas oven. Then, the bin men went on strike, then the gravediggers. . . .


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Lego Power Miners 10 Crystals in 5 Difrent Coulors by LEGO. $11.27. Set of 10 Crystals in 5 different colors as shown in picture. Approx. 1/2 inch tall/Choking Hazard for Children 3 and Under. Colors included are 2 Red, 2 Green, 2 Blue, 2 Orange, 2 Neon Green (Looks Yellow). Fits inside Lego Rock Monster Minifigures Mouth. Lego Power Miners Crystals. Lego Power Miners Crystals set of 10 Crystals in 5 different colors as shown in picture. Colors included are 2 Red, ...


On Friday 21 October 1966, a coal tip collapsed sending thousands of tons of mud and colliery waste down Merthyr Mountain near Aberfan in South Wales, destroying a school and about 20 houses and killing 144 -mostly the school children-Aberfan always remembered.

1 LEGO Power Miners Magma Mech (8189): Toys & Games

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FRANCIS WHEEN: Economic gloom.Terror threats. Strikes. Why Britain's going back to the 70s

The miners strikes of 1972 caused power cuts around the country. With no coal for the power stations blackouts lasting nine hours plunged Britain into darkness. I remember reading by candlelight.


Lego Power miners cave | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

LEGO Power Miners Mine Mech (8957) by LEGO. $41.25. Contains 67 pieces. Combine with No.8956 Stone Chopper to build the Cave Cutter. Includes miner, rock monster and accessories. Rock Monster head opens. Features spinning saw blade, claw arm, moveable legs to walk or pose model and opening cockpit. From the Manufacturer The one-of-a-kind Mine Mech is an experimental mining walker built to go where the other Power Miners vehicles can’t. The enhanced m...