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Pottermore house test

Gryffindors <--I like this a, mood swing...suddenly feeling very, very happy....this is a nice feeling...maybe my futuristic boyfriend is thinking about his futuristic, that took quite a turn....

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Dammit Hufflepuff…

I'm a hufflepuff! I am proud to just be a potato! Where would you be now if there weren't any potatoes! No chips, no mash and no crisps!

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harry potter - hogwarts houses sorting. This is great reason why sometimes some people don't seem like thy fit into a certain house

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Ilvermony Houses // I took the test on Pottermore and I'm in Thunderbird which was quite shocking but Yasss lad

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Slytherin is awesome... We're not all bad... We're just determined, smart, and ready to fight for what we believe in... You're bound to go in one of two directions

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Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Slytherin. :D And since I'm supposed to be very ambitious, my first endeavor is to be the nicest and coolest Slytherin ever. Besides Snape and Mrs. Tonks. :D

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