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Potassium Dichromate

Potassium dichromate with small addition of Vitamin C to modify crystal growth | Ascorbic acid | Nikon’s Small World


Polychrome glass cup, Period: Egypt, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18. 1370–1335 BC. Egypt, Middle Egypt, El-Amarna [Akhetaten]


Potassium Dichromate Crystals

Potassium dichromate is one of the few compounds that produces natural orange crystals. You can grow these in a lab, but I wouldn't use a chromium compound at home because of its toxicity.


60. The standardisation of sodium thiosulphate with potassium dichromate

Ready for Firing. Image transfer on to enamel using potassium dichromate Gum Bichromate – gum printing

Latex resist was painted on the lip and underside of this porcelain vessel and 10% potassium dichromate was painted on the entire bowl. The ...


This mauve dress with jacket is a rare and important survivor from the early 1860s.In 1856, the chemist, William Henry Perkin, then 18, discovered the purple dyestuff which soon became known as Perkin's mauve, mauveine, aniline purple.Perkin treated phenylamine (or aniline) with potassium dichromate. An unpromising black solid resulted. Perkin dissolved the solid in aqueous ethanol, whereupon a beautiful purple solution formed.