Portable washing machine

A Portable Washing Machine That Doesn't Need a Drop of Electricity It would be neat if they made a large one and you had to ride a bike to run it. Then I'd have to exercise ha ha

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Haier 1 cu. ft. Portable Washing Machine, HLP21N. This is the washer I really want. It's great for little apartments, whether you have a washer hookup or not!

Do your laundry anywhere with the Scrubba Wash Bag, the world’s smallest washing machine – perfect for backpacking and camping trips.

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Super Compact Full Automatic Washing Machine | The smallest and lightest full automatic portable washing machine available. Hooks up to kitchen faucet, no washer-dryer hookup required. 5.5 lb. wash capacity. Weighs 35 lbs. Dimensions 16" x 16.5" x 25." Holds up to 5.2 gallons of water.

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Ivation Small Compact Portable Washing Machine - Twin Tub Washer & Dry with 12.12 Lb. Wash Capacity & 7.7 Lb.

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