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Port Out Starboard Home

Day 14: Port out, Starboard home

An English Electric Lightning F.6 of No 74 Squadron at RAF Leuchars, Fife, banking sharply to port. Note the Red Top air-to-air missiles mounted on fuselage pylons and the tip of the starboard over-wing long range fuel tank.


Boat diagram. Aft, forward, port, starboard, outboard, inboard, amidships, athwartships, centerline, bow, stern.

from Rock The Boat

Port / Starboard wristbands

A brilliant idea! These are silicon wristbands debossed with the word PORT in white on the red one and STARBOARD in white on the green one. They are sold in pai

"So your the one a chasen man who almost ran me over?! Well I ought to get my father to bet you ugly lot of a man."


Port Starboard ...A kids game, run at a birthday party, will add life and fun. Make your kids party the best, with these great party games.

POSH.....the origin of the word POSH comes from passengers aboard ships who could afford to travel Port Out, Starboard Home to avoid the equatorial sun


P&O Steam Navigation Company POSH ~ "Port out- starboard home" ~ printed on the tickets of passengers sailing between the UK and India in the days of the Raj. Thus enabling wealthier passengers to enjoy cabins on the cooler side of the ship!

Port Out, Starboard Home by Michael Quinion

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