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The Black people who are labeled “The Negritos,” are believed to be the earliest inhabitants of Southeast Asia, remnants of the earliest populations from the Out of Africa migration. Description from I searched for this on


A one day itinerary for Kowloon, mainland Hong Kong. Hit the pavements in one of the most densely populated places in the world and see the famous Goldfish Market, crazy Nathan Road and eat Michelin starred dim sum on a budget. Travel in Hong Kong needs to be on your bucket list! Click through to read the full post and see more pictures of Hong Kong on While I'm Young and Skinny travel blog.


The Polka Dotted Clown Weevil (Pachyrrhynchus orbifer): one of the most spectacular weevils in the world, with its exoskeleton decorated n iridescent scales that give it the appearance of being covered in glitter.


(PHOTO: Alex Robinson via Getty Images) World's most crowded places: The most crowded city (As the world's most densely populated city, Manila has over 43,079 people per square kilometre and the capital of the Philippines' most dense area is District 6 with 68,266 inhabitants per square kilometre. The city's population density overtakes that of Kolkata (27,774 inhabitants per km2), Mumbai (22,937 inhabitants per km2) and Paris (20,164 inhabitants per km2).

Manila, the most densely populated city in the world, is on the eastern shore of Manila Bay in the South China Sea. To the east of the city lies the largest lake in the Philippines, Laguna de Baý.