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Pope Francis timeline - he had part of his lung removed, became a Jesuit, AND holds a doctorate!!! Plus he taught high school... already a saint if you ask me! ;D


Interactive biography: Pope Francis

The popes plan is to gain power again it is to go into places where the developed countries desire to be. He also believes that this will give them influence over the will of the people and it shall be necessary for the developed countries to come to the catholics if they are more easily to work within those countries. Therefore, wherever they reach out in whatever ways they look to help the poor it is with an intention of controlling those people for the sake of power.

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Let’s Talk About Sex (Follow Up)

pope john paul 2 | Pope John Paul II

Jorge from Argentina: Story of Pope Francis | This delightfully illustrated biography leads young readers ages 7 – 10 to identify with the adventures and challenges that molded Pope Francis into a missionary of God's unconditional love.