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Caravanning and camping: Vintage photos of holidaymakers in the great outdoors

At the anniversary of the Hartford Automobile Club a 1914 Mercer with an economical wind screen, looking like a large magnifying glass, designed to offer minimum wind resistance. Brass is used instead of chrome for the “shiny” parts, circa

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Keep Calm and Camp On pop up Camper | Dé vraag- en aanbodsite met alles op vakantiegebied. GRATIS ADVERTEREN.

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The best new UK campsites, glamping and pop-up events

Camping is about getting away from it all . . . so take it to the extreme. Benji Lanyado picks some of the best wild spots in Europe – and explains the law

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Prefab Intershelter Dome Homes Pop Up Anywhere for Immediate Shelter

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