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DIY Pop Rocks Candy Recipe

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Nostalgic Foods of the 60s, 70s, and 80s That Our Kids Will Never Have

You may have heard the legend that if you eat Pop Rocks and drink cola at the same time you will explode. You could use this idea to create an interesting science project that will teach you all about carbon dioxide. Using information about Pop...

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A Fun Homemade Pop Rocks Recipe

Homemade Pop Rocks - fab for cake and cookie decorating, rimming cocktail glasses and spoiling the kids! The citric acid (sounds ominous, but isn't!) is commonly found at Walmart and Target near the canning supplies. ❊

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1x Pop Rocks Popping Candy - COTTON CANDY FLAVOUR American Candy Sweets 9.5g

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Blue Kamikaze Shots

Blue Kamikaze Shots---1 part vodka 1 part blue curacao (or triple sec and a drop of blue food coloring) 1 part lime juice Cocktail shaker, ice For garnish, pop rocks and frosting for rimming the glasses: If rimming the glasses with Pop Rocks, dip the rims in frosting, and then in the Pop Rocks. Pour ingredients into an ice filled cocktail shaker. Shake well. Strain into serving glass. Enjoy!

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David BOWIE the master of music he got better looking the older he became

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DIY Pop Rocks Candy Recipe

Pop it like it's hot, pop it like it's hot! Alright, now that all of that is  out of my system, let's get down to business and talk abo...

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Firecracker Cupcakes

Firecracker cupcakes. Red hot cupcake, cinnamon frosting, and pop rock centers. Amazing, fun, and perfect for summer!

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