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Campbell's Soup Pop Art Packaging Inspired By Andy Warhol

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Image detail for -andy-warhol-pop-art-is-coca-cola-1.jpg picture by viann - Photobucket

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Pop Art. I have pop art picture hanged in my living room, found in a little market. LOVE IT!

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Bowie Pop Union - David Bowie Pop Art Portrait, 2016 - XL Gallery Edition - Big Fat Arts | BFA Gallery | Czar Catstick - 1

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The Mixed Media Gal

Great idea... using magazines and/or photos. Looks like it's going from real to cartoon. LOVE IT! By Nikki Farquharson.

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David Hockney - Pool -1984 - English Painter/Printmaker. An important contributor to the Pop art movement of the 1960s

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This is called summer days by peter blake it was made in 2007 following on from the pop art theme. peter blake make collages of popular things at the time to do with a certain subject. i think that the name goes well because of the bright background colours and image makes you think of summer although i dont think that the different pictures of people are much to do with summer.

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Audrey Hepburn by Andy Warhol - It seems that many images with clean lines and flat colours such as these bear a timeless appeal. However it's this sort of simplicity that makes it easy to recreate.

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pop art silhouette | Marilyn monroe art in black and white. #blackandwhite #silhouette #marilynmonroe

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Details about Crying Comic Girl 8x10 Painting Pop Art Turddemon black hair girls book sad babe

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CRAP I wanted to paint some chucks! i didnt know Andy did some !! Im still gonna paint those chucks tho

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Pop Art...Twiggy by Andy Warhol. I chose this piece since twiggy was a big figure of the 60s and had a large influence on fashion so images of idols such as twiggy will have helped warholls prominence in the decade. Use of shading here is effective because it gives more dimension whilst still remaining in the style of pop art.

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Sagmeister & Walsh turn reality into pop art props for department store campaign

Me... Yes you. Dry your eyes . You 're beautiful . It's hard I know, like everything you see and touch and hear and smell will remind you of him , but it will pass and each day has a new beginning. Be strong and search for You in all things and enjoy this.Besides he was a real prick anyway, how could you have been so blind.....? Love from La. Aka AJ.

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Outstanding Examples Of Vexel Inspiration #5

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