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Melted Bead Ornaments

These melted bead ornaments are SO BEAUTIFUL! And they're so easy to make with pony beads! You can hang them on the Christmas tree, or use suction cup hooks on the window to turn them into sun catchers.

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A little glue, a few pony beads, scraps of foam & cardstock, a snip of a cotton swab stick = Lotion bottle! (I less bead for handsoap) kj

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Christmas Ornaments You Can Make - Poinsettia/Snowflake Pony Bead Pattern. You could probably add to the pattern to make some really neat snowflakes!

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playdoh monsters

playdough monsters, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, & pony beads. Follow with a writing assignment having students tell about their monsters. They could even do this several times. :)

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Happy Clouds and Rainbows ~When I see this I see little pony beads sliding up the colors of ribbons as a page on a quiet book or a busy blanket~ I am really thinking of a it as a fun wall hanging for a wall toy, though.

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Week 29, Day 202, Elf. 365 Day Perler Bead Challenge.

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windchime from melted pony I wonder if I could make some ornaments this way? Looks like it would work just fine.

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Materials: 2 yards cord or ribbon of choice 1 lanyard hook 27 neon green pony beads 21 green pony beads 2 black pony beads

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Melted Bead Suncatchers :: How to Make Them with Pony Beads

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LOVE this idea! We have a huge jar of these things. Perfect for a rainy afternoon this summer. Easy Peasy Sun Catchers | Hellobee

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how to: jars from pony beads by Studio E •pony beads •paper fasteners •paper/fine tip pen (or go by their instructions and print them( •glue

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