Perfect Pond Plants • Lots of tips, ideas and info to help you create that perfect garden pond!

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Backyard ponds for small backyards can be built in different options of backyard ponds with fountains, streams and waterfalls by applying simple DIY preferences to create enchanting outdoor home

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During the summer, algae growth can be a huge problem in garden ponds. The great news is that there is an easy way to keep pond water clear without using expensive chemicals. Here's how. |

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It is a heavy glass vase I got from Old Time Pottery I inverted on some concrete blocks so they could swim in from the bottom. You have to get wet to submerge the vase and turn it up under water so the vacuum created keeps the water inside. Make sure you have a heavy glass container or the weight of the water will shatter it. (court. of Rick Brown's fb page - Riverview Flower Farm Growing Florida Friendly Plants)

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How to Build a Pond and Waterfall - perfect for your Front Yard Garden. Step by Step Pond Tutorial to make it easy, everything to purchase, mistakes to avoid and more!

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Koi Fish Pond Observation Tower - 22 Small Garden or Backyard Aquarium Ideas Will Blow Your Mind

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