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30/May - 2015 Half the mind map I’ve done for A2 ethics topics. It made me so so happy to see so much psychology is included in it because it’s gonna make it 100x easier for me to remember all the...

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TI remember seeing this somewhere in Kensington Market and thinking YES! Now I think it applies probably more than ever before....

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Late 1800's ~ Anna Pottery Stoneware Jug completed covered in Writing .... These Unique Pieces of Pottery were the ‘Messengers’ of their Opinions on Politics, Corrupt Tax Revenuers, the Temperance Movement & many other Socially Engaging Topics .... Glug.

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Grayson Perry: ‘Just because you don’t have a dress on doesn’t stop you being a tranny’

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THIS. I need feminism because some people think "You don't look like a physicist" is a compliment.

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Comcast Refuses to Air Attack Ads that 'Demean' LDS Church | Meridian Magazine - | Comcast announced Thursday it will not run a TV commercial that it determined demeans the LDS Church. Activist Fred Karger paid approximately $2,000 to run the ad 54 times in Utah markets. Comcast issued a written explanation on Thursday, saying the ad did not meet its standards.