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The Top 10 Most Controversial Artworks of All Time

Pablo Picasso's controversial "Guernica" is a political statement. This paintings illustrates an immediate reaction to the Nazi's casual bombing during the Spanish Civil War. This painting is an antiwar symbol, and a reminder of the tragedies. Guernica interpretations vary widely. There are also critics warn against trusting the political message.

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The 2011 UK Mary Rose £2 Silver Coin - As symbols of influence, of military might and political power, British ships have graced Britain’s coins for centuries: the Mary Rose is the latest in that long line, proudly portraying the heavyweight flagship of Henry VIII in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the impressive, but ultimately ill-fated, Mary Rose.

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The Women’s Library @ LSE (London School of Economics) digital collections include a representative selection of the personal, political, and economic struggles that have symbolized women’s battle for equality over the past 500 years. The collection includes pamphlets, magazines, journals, documents, photographs, postcards, and books.

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Recommit to women's liberation

'Recommit to women's liberation', The Guardian (Comment is Free blog), 8 March 2010 [caption: Marking International Womens Day 1975, the feminist magazine Spare Rib reported: '4,000 women marched through London's East End.' Photograph: Red Women's Workshop]

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Valery Koshlyakov, Grand Opera, Paris, 1995, Tempera on cardboard. Koshlyakov’s re-reading of symbols of empire is all-encompassing, taking imagery from ancient ruins and sculpture to modern government buildings, but the monumental scale of his works also suggests an additional, particularly charged reference – that of Stalin-era murals and political myth-building.

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28 Piezas De Arte Que Interactúan Ingeniosamente Con Su Entorno

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