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Ricky Gervais on

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A cool customer! The stunning collection of never published pictures from legendary American photographer Steve Schapiro

Protest: Martin Luther King during his march from Selma, Alabam, to Montgomery in 1965 as part of the American civil rights movement

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I appreciate the sentiment. However, it's not "my" government. And simply replacing one form of authoritarian control with another won't change a thing.

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Meryl Streep Speech The Golden Globes 2017

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Considering the obstacles and fewer liberties many have across the globe, it's not too much to show support for political change. In the midst of hardship, I like to remember that I am not alone; that there are others wrestling with far more devastating problems than mine. It is with great purpose that you take a stand for an ideal worth exhausting your energy on. And that is my mindset here.

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Emma Watson's Overwhelming UN Response

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AND the cowardly politicians AND all the lying mainstream media coverage...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE HUMAN AND BACK ISRAEL....

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*seriously*, america, *seriously* you chose TRUMP over OBAMA

*seriously*, america, *seriously* you chose TRUMP over OBAMA

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BREXIT – Escaping Fortress Europe - Veterans Today -

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Interesting inversion of range of Muslim reactions after the murder/beheading of a Catholic priest in France.

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